「FUTURE CLASSIC / FUTURE VINTAGE(フューチャークラシック/フューチャーヴィンテージ)」をコンセプトに、私たちは“いま”考える未来の服を創造します。

Under the concept of “Future Classic / Future Vintage”, we create clothes of the future by thinking “now”.
We think about the future and provide a wardrobe that makes the wearer feel comfortable and happy.
KANEMASA’s products reflect the innovation, creativity, craftsmanship,
and traditions we have cultivated over the years, and we never compromise on anything from materials to design.


ハイゲージに特化した独⾃の編機、様々な柄を⾃由に表現できるジャガード機、これらの編機を⾃在に操る特有の技術、職⼈技を未来に存続させるために、2021年SSシーズンから、自社ブランド KANEMASAは誕生しました。
ブランドのアイコンであるロゴは、Clement Johant氏が手がけ、創業当初の1960年代の時代背景と欧州の文化を融合するデザインが完成しました。

KANEMASA . is a private label of Kanemasa Knitting Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called Kanemasa), a circular knit manufacturer founded in 1964 based in Wakayama City, in Wakayama Prefecture which is the largest producer of knitted fabrics in Japan.
Kanemasa’s private label KANEMASA . was born in the 2021 SS season in order to preserve the unique skills and craftsmanship to manipulate the company’s own high gauge knitting machines or Jacquard machines capable of creating freely expressed various patterns. The brand’s iconic logo was designed by Clément Johanet, blending the historical background of the 1960s, when the company was first founded, with European culture.

Craftman Ship


KANEMASA has roots in something of a circular knitting company in WAKAYAMA, where is our head office.
Our manufactured goods are all original from materials, knitting, dyeing to finishing.
We started on surviving unique skills manipulated freely specialized original machines for various patterns and our craftmanship for the future.




Our materials, one and only manufactured by unique knitting machines. Creation of menu values, Fusion of innovation and tradition in incomparable materials.
KANEMASA’s designs are consist inspiration brought by our materials.
We’d like you to love our really good materials for a long time. They are gifts from ours.



世界最⾼峰の素材展⽰会 France Parisの”Premiere Vision” 、Italy Milan “MilanoUnica”で、年2回、シーズン毎にニットコレクションを発表しております。

We have had achievements providing original materials for high maison at home and abroad.
We also have presented our collections seasonally twice a year at “Premiere Vision” in paris, France and at “Milano Unica” in Milano, Italy; the world best material exhibitions.
Please refer to our corporate site for the details