The Spring/Summer 2024 collection features relaxed items with a processed look faded by the sun and sea breeze, and coloring inspired by 90s preppy fashion brand advertisements.

The looks also feature colorful visuals contrasted with the earthy backdrop of Japanese modern architecture on the coastline.

In the PV, the low angles (Ozu style) and the elaborate settings from props to sets, with a lot of information in the scene and unique and distinctive camera work (WES style), make it look like a scene from a movie.

From super high gauge knit shirts with fresh stripes and classic multi-stripe patterns to heavyweight sweat items with an open, tropical feel, based on the company’s original suvin recycled organic cotton yarns, the colors of past standard items The colors and fits of past staples have been brushed up.

In addition, special product finishes and other relaxed spring/summer materials, ethnic moods, and mature styling. Purple, salmon pink, mint green, and sky blue, inserted into a preppy color palette of denim and chinos, are items that express the mood of this season. As in every season, the brand proposes new styles based on traditional items with calculated sizes and colors to make the most of the appeal of original materials developed in-house.